Teddy's Puppy Training

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A friend of ours, Jonathan just came over to help us train Teddy our Shihtzu how to heel. He used a choker chain and breaking him in was heart wrenching..DH says i spoil Teddy too much because he tries to escape and run to me for help ( with his usual "help me, mummy" look on his face )
He gets pulled back by Jon every single time. sigh....i guess if it helps Teddy to be more obedient then i suppose its a good thing right? Off to Parkway for some shopping and then back home to walk Teddy + some scrapping later!!
Thinking of using the Hambly's Extra thick overlays to start a 'puppy training' mini album later. Loved Ali E's idea for her Cocoa Daisy album. Might try that too. In the meantime, Toodles! ~~~