Card: Panda

Friday, September 26, 2008

Love this cute Panda stamp [so sick and tired of the owls] so this was kinda refreshing! This card was totally made out of scraps + i got a nice surprise when i realised the tag punch i bought last week worked with the EK 'handmade' stamps i bought from Felicia the other day :))) *DOH* they come from the same company.
I got inspired to make this card after watching this video:

I didn't have a slot punch [am on the lookout for one, do let me know where i can get it if you know :)] so i just used my Fiskar's threading h2o punch & worked from there instead. Love Kim's videos, they're such a joy to watch! Do check out her other videos on Youtube.


Devilz Angel 堕落天使 said...

the panda stamp is so cute? mind sharing which brand of stamp is it from?
-- ck