layout: Justin + a few firsts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few firsts today:

1.I haven't tried a A4 sized layout before so this is my 1st time at it. Kinda liked it, initially wanted to use a 12 x 12 but since it's a gift for my Sis in law (who's off in paris right now, happy woman.) i thought i'd make it a more 'storable size'. This is a photo of my nephew Justin when he was just 1. He was in a couple of Tv ads, Panasonis and a baby milk powder one it hink. Now he's 5. Wow Time really flies sigh...
2. Never really played around with Photoshop either, the last time i did my little bro taught me how to insert text into photos. I must say i have already forgotten how to do that too! haha. So i saw KristinaWerner's tips on photography & photoshop last night i decided to give it a go. Had to call Tristan of course, since he was at his place for the night + M1 is sponsoring our calls :) [it's a plan we both took up that allows us to call 3 frequent numbers for free] So a free phone tutorial by Mr T and voila! I think it's kinda fun to use CS3. [although i still sneak in a little MS Paint + MS Photo viewer easy peasy photo editing] SSSSSSSSHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!