Real Dad *the story matters #4*

Monday, September 8, 2008

The journalling reads:

Here is my real dad, whom sad to say i never got the chance to grow up with. Mum divorced him when i was 3 yrs old and left the country.

Years later in the mid 90s when i met up with him again, he didn't want much to do with us, just crocodile tears of guilt which to me was pretty pointless. I don't hate him, in fact i feel sorry for him for missing out in our lives. I just sometimes wonder, what if?

But. Life goes on with or without him. I will always have my mum and brother and so many other things in life to be grateful for. Where ever you are, father. I will wish you happiness.
Ok that's enough sappiness. Tut Tut~
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Simona said...

Such a beautiful LO and a very touching journaling, love it!

Anonymous said...

Great layout and the way you did it

TheresaK said...

beautiful layout!
Thanks for playing!