All things grow with LOVE

Friday, October 3, 2008

I cannot begin to tell you how much i love PapertreyInk stamps! Their designs are so classic and easy to use that i am SO tempted to buy more! Although i was initially a tad put off because not only are they on the pricey side (USD$24 for a full set), you have to place the label stickers on the CD case + shift the stamps ONE by ONE in them. But once i started playing with them i felt that the labour was worth it!! Every single penny :)) i kid you not.
Also playing with some Love, Elsie fabric paper i bought earlier from Fel. She's such a darling selling them to me (although she seemed pretty reluctant to let them go teehee, love u fel!) Let me know when u need to purge your scrap stuff again k? This girl has a LOAD of stuff i tell ya, in multiples too!
Anyhoos, this is a LO using some of their stamps (pls excuse the HSwapp) for my cousin who just adopted this baby girl. She is simply too adorable + cute for any words. Even though its not their own flesh & blood, all things grow with love right?? And she is so loved already by everyone :)
Thanks for popping by !


Enchanted By Scraps said...

Thankx fren! Am better now except that I cant carry anything more than 1kg.
I think TSL has very good sprees too, except that I'm always too slow to join, hee hee! Now I see your papetery stamps, I am SOOOOO wanting them too!!!
I have been in love with them for the longest time. Some time ago when i asked, they were not shipping to spore yet. And THEN, i missed the spree at TSL AGAIN!!
Sigh... next time you happen to spree for PI, count me in ya!