In transition

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi hi! Am at the jakarta airport lounge now waiting for my flight which is going to land me in Singapore @ around 2am. Sigh~~~ I didnt realise i would arrive so late until i checked my ticket yesterday. When i saw the ticket it suddenly dawned on me that i told myself before not to take Qatar anymore *roll eyes*
Anyways, me & cuz did some cards, can't wait to upload them tomo morning. (Missing my tea + internet wake up ritual already here). I must mention missing fast internet connection here, dial up was really driving me nuts..well,that's another story.
Flying off to hongkong tues morning 7am flight, so i've only got slightly more than 24hrs to include sleep, packing & re-packing my luggage, go re-choose my halloween costume (which totally makes me look fat) & cuddle with Tristan + Teddy. 2 T loves of my life :)
Heading off to the Disneyland hotel on the 1st night , little bro's got 50% off the hotel rates from UPS where he works. Haven't been to Disneyland for ages, so i guess it'll be fun! The last time i went to Disneyland was at least 10 yrs ago? in Anaheim, California & maybe 14 yrs ago in Tokyo. Not wanting to count the time lapse as it makes me feel old haha.
Uploads tomorrow~~