it's late...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

.....and i still need to pack! I just got back from a late movie, the new one with Brad Pitt? Benjamin Button was good! 3 hours though, not a good choice if you've had a long day :) All in all a good movie, very well adapted. This beautiful movie reminds us to live in every moment for you cannot bring back time lost. Go watch!
Anyyyhooooos, a card that i somehow forgot to share with you girls!
A closer look:
OK, it's going to be a short post. My brain is not functioning properly enough for me to type any further ;)
Ta- ta~~



whoistracy said...

Fiona, this is so cute! I love the colors and the stitched embossed border. I never remember to use that one!

I forget how much of a time difference there is between us. It's only Friday afternoon here and already it's Saturday by you!

Anonymous said...

Such a great card - I love the sparkly-ness!!! :)