Sleeping with Mr Froggy

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nope, not me. the dog, obviously *lol* Teddy has a lovey dovey relationship with his pet frog that T got him. It's a pet beanie thingy & he's been stuck to it ever since. The first thing teddy does when he comes up to my room/studio is find Mr Froggy. can i say cuteeee?? :) The photo on the left of the layout is yup *gasp* how he sleeps occassionally, never fails to give me a good chuckle. Aaah, pets. gotta love 'em. Ok, so i doctored the photo on the right (placed the froggy under his paw while he was asleep) But it was too cute not to! And a great photo op too ;) Papers are from October afternoon & cosmo cricket. Some zig-zag machine sewing on the edges too.
Here's a close up:
Its the start of a new week, counting down to my holiday on thursday YEAY! Have a good one! :)