Yeay for Safari mari + some sewing!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok so I've been on the quiet side these few days but only because I've been busy making these :) I totally loved Lauren Meader's 'from the desk of' template here but I'm not going to be able to dig out $5 this month to buy her template (most of the time I just case hers and come up with my own measurements) this illegal? anyways! What with a holiday end of the month and on top of bills + other 'must gets' from Papertreyink, i just gotta cut down! *i'm sure alot of you can stand with me on this* tee hee. On to the project! I played around with measurements etc (let me know if you'd like them) & somehow manage to come up with a similar one that can fit in the normals cards as well as other goodies. So I'm making this for my cousin (bringing it over when I meet on our trip) & I know that she'll love it! Although she visits my blog sporadically i'm kinda hoping she won't see this fingers crossed. OK what's inside you say?
A couple of stuff, a covered notepaper pad using that gorgeous patterned paper (god help me to remember who from) as well as that little tube thing there that till the end of post! ;)

Also this frame from Ikea which I altered using some GORGEOUS paper from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out (May kit, na-ah not out yet peeps!) but I can tell you it'll be worth every single penny! Anyhoos I can't show you the frame because I altered it for part of my guest designer stint with SFTIO next month. All I can say is that it's pink ( fave colour here) and I wrapped it up so it doesn't colour clash with the rest of the stuff. Inside is a photo of my cousin & me that we took during her last trip here.

So here's what's inside that little tube! It's a cute little pouch thingy that she can use to put lipgloss etc . Handy Dandy huh? I learnt how to make this here. I also made that little square tube thing ;rolled up the pouch & stuffed it in. You'll never guess that is what's inside right?
Still on the topic of sewing, I'm DYING to get my hands on some Amy Butler fabric! I just broke out my A.Butler Lotus paper from K&co & made a card with that. Seriously, someone point out to me where I can get my hands on some on the cheap pwetty pweaase. So far I'm placing my hopes on getting some 'knock-off' versions when I get to Jakarta end of the month, hopefully :)

So here's another one I made. Actually, this was the one i ORIGINALLY intended to give to my cousin. But if you notice, the zipper's on the WRONG side. I only realised my mistake after I zoomed thru the last bit of sewing. And the mistake actually began BEFORE i started sewing (placed the zipper on the shorter side of the fabric. Like, DOH!!
I still think it's cute though, I'm so keeping it for myself haha.
That's all for choo day folks, take care & have a good one ;)


Michelle Bertuzzi said...

I've had patterns for sewing but never got a chance plus I hate reading instructions! LOL. These pouches looks awesome. I wish I can make something like this too!

Kate said...

cute pouch!

btw, how do you get your kits in? spree?


whoistracy said...

This rocks! I'm like you- if I want something I'll just figure the measurements on my own. Can't see spending $5 for the template. LOL