Feeling greenish...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...but not with envy *lol* What with the H1N1 virus going around here in Singapore, even the slightest sneeze/coughing can send the surrounding peeps running for cover. It's funny really, kinda like seeing an magnetic shield appear out of nowhere around the sneezy/coughing person. I sorta had a slight fever the on Monday too (hence no post) & got sent home from work, but I felt fine the next day. Bought thermometers for the peeps at the office too, just to be safe.
Anyhoooss....on the the greenish card!
The stamps on the papertreink vanilla cardstock are from unity stamp co. The green patterned card base is actually a newer Papertreyink cardstock colour (don't recall the name of it) and the patterns are stamped with pti's 'guidelines' set. They carry a guidelines 2 set now as well, I've got both sets and they're so fun to play with!
It's midweek, and only 2 more days to the weekend yeay!
Hope you're having a good day where ever you are, thanks for stopping by :)


@bi3L said...

hahaha... that was funny... that's happening to us here in the Philippines as well. =:)

But as long as your well informed, there's no need to worry.. btw... that's a nice card!!! :)

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