eat cake!

Monday, June 14, 2010

quick share of a card I made with the Silhouette shapes & some left over vinyl. Sponging on the edges are a must to add a depth to the cake. Love those tiny candles i got waayyyy back. Adds a nice touch, methinks.

Had a good getaway in Hongkong the past week with Casey. It was kinda nightmarish at first because he wanted to walk everywhere to 'take in the sights' & anyone who knows me knows that i'd much rather take a cab and take in the sights that way. Although I had aching feet at the end of every day (trust me, i made sure he heard me complaining), i realised that he's grown on me in so many ways. He is his own person in his own right & so am I. As long as we learn to respect that (a gd e.g. would be me not forcing him to take photos which he hates) we get along perfectly.
All in all, a good trip!