It's the weekend..

Friday, February 27, 2009

..and I finally have time to sit down to blog properly. Sorry about the short posts before, I was really on the go with work. So, I'm making it up to you by sharing a video!

Just little playback with the old shrink plastic, thought i'd share how I make my scissor charms :) I hope you likey!
ps: can you hear Jack Johnson in the background? He's presently my favourite 'create-along' artist. That word reminds me of Lamb Chops play-along! Anyone remember that sock faced lamb character?
'This is the song that doesn't end, yes it goes on & on my friend bla bla' Yes, I was a lamb chop kid *lol*


sarita said...

very nice video!!! and i don't know if you know but lamb chop and her friends have been around for EVER!! when i was young they were on tv - and i'm 57! my boys watched the lamb chop show with that CRAZY SONG!!! that never ends!! and now my grandson will be able to see on you tube! so - let's all sing - this is the song that never ends it keeps going round my friend.....!!
oh i hope that you do more videos!