Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hi all! Welcome to another tutorial video featuring moi :) I've decided on a whim to share with you a video *hopefully* every Tuesday, if not every 2nd Tuesday. Why on a tuesday? Just so I can call it 'Tutorial Tuesday' *lol* Also because making videos are fun! So please feel free to let me know what kind of videos you're interested to see and if time permits I'll gladly make them for you :)
For today, I'll be sharing with you a Card set holder template that I came up with. Really fun & easy to do! It might ring a bell with Papertreyink fans out there because it does look similar to one of Lauren Meader's timeless templates but I took a look at it and came up with a version of my own :)

Here's the completed project with inside lining & band. The 'handmade' sentiment is from papertreyink's 'B&C monogram ed' & the 'stationery' is stamped with their 'simple alphabet' stamp set. I've ordered the 'Simply Stationery' set as well (which I expect to get anytime now!) so this template will come in really handy!

Isn't this a great idea for a gift? I forgot to mention in the video but you can also punch a half circle on the bottom border (see photo above) so it will be easier to take out those cards when you eventually fill the box in. I haven't make any cards to fill it in with yet, soon I hope :)

Another great piece of news to share with you, I've been asked to be on the Design Team for Papier House! They're coming up with their very own stamps/patterned paper line for the local children market, I can't wait!
Also, for those of you out there who wish to buy completed card sets (monogrammed or themed cards) as gifts, I'll be happy to make some for you too! Just drop me an email or use the chatbox on the left side of the page.
I hope you've enjoyed the video tutorial, I'll be posting another take on this template tomorrow :) Let me just say it's orange & lacey *lol*
Please share with me if you make any, I'd love to see.
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!



Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Great video tutorial girl!
Congratulations on being in another DT!!! I'm really happy for you. Isn't this your year or what?! :)

sarita said...

great video!! i'm going to make this for someone for christmas! you can also make little note cards instead of complete cards..cardstock base - smaller white sheet on front - stamp some small something on the front of the white card..it will fit in a regular sized envelope- but it's just a note to send...anyway - thanks!