Creative Therapy #57 + ointment pillows

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I haven't played along with Creative Therapy for ages so i checked in earlier today and loved their catalyst this week! 'What makes you laugh?' Easy one for me I must say, because the person who makes me laugh all of the time is my lover, best friend & best confidante T. ;) Not to mention he's really patient (especially when chocolate's running low in the household= crankiness) *lol* Lots of playing around with Gesso for this layout, and I tried a new approach today! Basically i took out all the co-ordinating supplies in terms of colours & went at it. I think it worked out great. Does anyone else do that? I know mishie does , but it's new to me. Normally I just 1. take photos out 2.pick matching patterned papers & work from there. I think the old way made me leave out using alot of my stash. So all in all, I'm feeling Geewwwdddd ;) another thing that made me feel good today was this video!
Anyhoos, here's a close up:

The photos were taken at my birthday party last month (the nail spa thingy) So love that bcbg dress!
And here's a pillow I made last night for T. Per his request.

I had a great laugh last night when he asked me to make him a little pillow (totally something your son or a young boy would ask you!) & he made a puppy face when asking *lol* Anyways, I completed the pillow (he loved it!) but asked me to sew on a pocket onto it. I was like "huh, what for??" And then I realised he wants the pocket to place his ointment in it so it's easier to find. OMG...I'm dating an old man *gasp* normally esp. in asia we tend to associate those wee bottles of ointment with old men who like to *sniff* at it like a drug of sorts. (it's not a drug, just something like a Vicks inhaler except in liquid form).
Let's just say i sewed the pocket (with zipper) & then onto the pillow with a huge grin ;)
And to all of you girls out there who're hoarding your sewing patterns (yes mich that's u) , get sewing! It's totally therapeutic after the part where you want to tear your hair out when the machine runs crazy on ya. haha
Have a great day , it's the weekend all over again! :)


Nan said...

Very pretty and cheerful LO....I enjoyed seeing your blog and the tutorials